Things to Keep in Mind about Drunk Driving during the Holiday Season

As a law firm that knows the ins and outs of DUI law in Bucks County, PA, as well as many other areas in the Keystone State, we know that when the holidays come around once more, there is no denying that Americans start consuming more alcohol.

Furthermore, some studies have even indicated that, in December, the average number of people who die in drunk driving accidents rises.

While most people will still insist on drinking and driving no matter what, or because they believe that they can handle driving drunk, they simply should NOT get behind the wheel.

In fact, here are two common myths that people believe about drinking and driving that have, more or less, been debunked by the by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA):

You can drive if you are not slurring or if you don’t have any serious physical signs of being intoxicated.

The coordination and skills you need to drive safely are jeopardized long before you show signs of being intoxicated. What’s more, if you combine the sedative effects of alcohol with all of the hours you have been awake that day and night, the chances that you might fall asleep or not be as attentive as usual behind the wheel are increased.

Coffee will help sober you up enough to drive.

If caffeine helps anything, it’s drowsiness. Therefore, this means that it will not improve your coordination or decision-making while driving. Because your body will need to time to break down (metabolize) the alcohol, there are absolutely NO quick fixes.

Drunk driving accidents do not only affect those in the accident itself.

In some instances, the person who gave you the alcohol could be held legally liable because he or she let you leave the premises intoxicated. Depending on what state you live, there are “social host liability” laws that enable anyone injured by a drunk driver to sue the party host or homeowner.

  • Make it a point to agree on who will be the designated driver, and also make it known that this person will not drink at all.
  • Have a plan to call a taxi if the designated driver does drink.
  • Consider a limo/car service if everyone wants to drink.

If you are either hosting, or going to, a party during the holiday season, we strongly suggest that you keep the following things in mind.

If you are hosting a party you should:

  • Consider not making the alcohol the main attraction. You can have games set up and space for dancing, etc.
  • Keep the food coming all night long as it will take the focus off of drinking.
  • Consider renting a van or offering transportation.

The first step to preventing a drunk driving accident during the holiday season, as well as anytime of the year, will always be to guarantee that the driver does not drink.

However, if you do find yourself in need of lawyer to represent you because you got caught drinking and driving, or caused an accident because you were intoxicated, we can help.