How to Defend Against a Car Accident Injury Lawsuit in PA

If you’re in a motor vehicle crash, you may ask yourself, “How do I defend my car accident lawsuit?” Each situation is different, but there are steps you can take to help limit your liability and increase your chances of winning your case. Examples of steps to protect yourself after an accident include stopping at the scene, contacting the police, and notifying your insurance company after the incident. Additionally, working with a seasoned personal injury lawyer can also help set you up for success. 

Kalikhman & Rayz, LLC, is a full-service law firm providing exceptional support to those in motor vehicle accidents. Regardless of whether you believe you’re at fault, we are confident in our ability to provide guidance to you. Our Pennsylvania car accident attorneys have decades of experience fighting for those hurt in collisions. We have an intimate understanding of the legal system and know how to best serve the injured. 

How Do I Defend My Car Accident Lawsuit?

How to defend your car accident lawsuit depends on your unique case. For example, if you’re at the settlement stage, preparing a well-reasoned counteroffer can help you reach a fair solution. But if negotiations fail and going to trial is necessary, this warrants a different approach. In this situation, you might benefit from gathering as much information as possible about the crash. For example, you can request traffic camera footage, medical records, police reports, and other materials. You can use this evidence to show that you did not cause the accident or don’t carry all the blame. 

How Do You Protect Yourself After an Accident?

After a crash, there are essential steps you can take to protect your legal rights and physical health. The first step is to stop your car and exchange information with the other driver. Next, you should report the accident to the local authorities. After meeting this requirement, notify your insurance company about the incident. Finally, consider talking to a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia who can help you protect your rights.

Stop the Vehicle and Exchange Information with the Other Driver

Pennsylvania law requires drivers to stop the car, pull over, and exchange information with other people involved in an accident involving death or personal injury. Drivers should also contact the police or help the injured access medical care. For example, this might look like letting the other driver use your telephone to call 911 or a friend who can help. Information the law requires people to turn over upon request includes your driver’s license number, car registration, address, name, and telephone number.  

Report the Crash to Authorities

Pennsylvania law doesn’t always require people to contact the police after a crash. However, to be safe, it’s best to notify law enforcement when an accident occurs. Part of the reason for this is if you guess wrong, you may face civil or even criminal penalties. Cooperation with the laws may limit the potential consequences that can follow if you’re found to be partially at fault. 

When communicating with the police, it’s essential to keep your discussion to basic facts needed to understand what happened. Limit comments that people can take as an admission of guilt. For example, try not to say things like, “I was looking at my phone and didn’t see the upcoming stop sign.” 

Notify Your Insurance Company

The next step is to notify your insurance company about the accident. It would be best if you did this shortly after the crash. Depending on your policy, you may have a specific window of time to send in this notice. When talking to anyone from your insurance company, refrain from making comments that they might interpret as admitting blame. Even if you think you caused the crash, you don’t need to say this explicitly. Instead, give the basic facts so they can understand what happened. For example, say what speed you were going and the sequence of impact. 

Contact a Car Accident Defense Attorney

Finally, you can safeguard your legal rights by contacting a motor collision lawyer. A personal injury attorney in Philadelphia has the tools necessary to help you navigate the next steps and defend yourself against any claims filed against you. Additionally, they can review the circumstances and help you take steps to limit your liability. They can also let you know if a lawsuit is likely to follow. 

What Happens if You Hurt Someone in a Car Accident?

If you hurt someone in a collision, you may face civil penalties, such as paying fines and legal damages. If the incident also involved traffic violations, you may also have criminal charges filed against you. Other consequences might include increased insurance premiums. 

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