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Small and large business owners can face numerous legal issues at any time. This is especially true for smaller business owners, as many don’t understand what they need to do to protect themselves and prevent future business disputes.

We not only do we provide legal counsel to both small and large businesses all over Philadelphia, Bucks County, and Montgomery County, PA, but our team of business contract lawyers, business dispute lawyers, civil litigation attorneys, debt lawyers, and corporate lawyers can help clients manage any legal challenges that come along with owning a business in the area.

Every business and corporate lawyer at our office provides legal advice and service in a variety of areas, which includes:

  • Debt & Equity
  • Acquisitions
  • Start-ups
  • Real Estate
  • Business Transactions and Contracts
  • Employment Issues
  • Business Organization & Litigation
  • And much more.

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How Our Business Contract and Dispute Lawyers Help You and Your Business Thrive

One of the biggest benefits of choosing our law firm is that we will work to resolve your business matters fast and efficiently. In fact, as business owners ourselves, we know how some disputes can be lengthy and cost much time and money to resolve. Therefore, instead of worrying about any legal issues and handling them on your own, you can let our business dispute attorneys and business contract attorneys take the reins, and you concentrate on managing your business, taking care of your employees, and more.

What Is a Business Dispute?

A business dispute is a disagreement between two businesses over the terms of an agreement signed by both parties. These disputes are inevitable for companies, and some do not always require legal representation, but it’s always wise to seek counsel from a business dispute attorney when a conflict arises.

Our business dispute attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in a variety of business disputes. Some of the common disputes we’ve handled include:

  • Breach of contract: Breaches of contract can occur in a few different ways. Often, one party fails to honor their side of the agreement. Other times, issues arise because the contract is ambiguous or incomplete. Either way, our business dispute attorneys will fight for your rights.
  • Partnership disagreements: Disputes between partners of a business are common. They may disagree on such things as how the company should be run and who should take leadership positions. These legal disputes can also arise when a partner skirts their fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Business-to-business disputes: When one business perceives another business’s actions to be unfair or deceptive, they may file a lawsuit against them. In these instances, a litigation attorney should be consulted to build a case against the defendant.
  • Non-compete agreement issues: Often, businesses will have their employees sign a non-compete agreement. When an employee does not follow this agreement, the company may have grounds to sue. On the other hand, the terms in the agreement may have been too broad, in which case, the employee may have a case against the business. Our team of litigation attorneys is adept at handling non-compete disputes and can protect your business from damages.

How Does Civil Litigation Work?

A civil lawsuit involves non-criminal claims and is pursued by one party (the plaintiff) against another person or company (the defendant). The complaint by the plaintiff is often based on breaches of contract or accidents. Typically, the plaintiff would like to either receive compensation for any losses or to stop specific actions.

Every civil law case is different, and that’s why it’s important to work with an experienced civil litigation attorney. Your lawyer will determine if you have a solid case and then begin building upon that case for you.

While each case is different, all civil lawsuits follow the same process. Your civil litigation attorney can help you understand each step in detail, but here is a general overview to give you an idea of what to expect:

  1. Investigate. Your litigation lawyer, potentially with the help of a private investigator, will begin to comb through the details of the case to find the evidence needed to support your claim.
  2. File a complaint. Now, your civil litigation attorney will aid you in filing a complaint with the court against the defendant. This complaint will describe the damages or injuries you or your business sustained and how the defendant caused the harm. The defendant can then file an answer.
  3. Discovery. This is the longest part of the civil litigation lawsuit. During this time, both parties gather information to strengthen their cases.
  4. Trial. During the trial, the civil litigation attorney will present your case to either a jury or judge. Then, throughout the trial, each litigation attorney will present their evidence and call witnesses to the stand.
  5. Verdict. After the jury or judge deliberates the case, they will announce their verdict. Both parties have the option to challenge the verdict and request a new trial. Your litigation attorney can help you determine if you have a solid enough case to motion for a new trial.

Why Do You Need a Business Contract Attorney?

Business contracts are legally binding agreements that you have with one or more people or businesses. Because these agreements are so critical, it’s advisable to have a business contract attorney draft and revise the legal documents. They will ensure the contracts you enter into will be executed properly and that your interests will be protected. Drafting lawfully binding contracts is a complex process. If the wording isn’t precise and the information isn’t complete, the contract may not be admissible in court. Even if you decide to draft the contract yourself, it would be in your best interest to have a business contract attorney look over the document. They will ensure the document is legal and free of any loopholes. A business contract attorney can also provide guidance when you believe a contract has been broken or when you wish to get out of a contract. If you need assistance with any business contracts, you can rely on our business contract and litigation attorneys to fight for your rights.

Our Business Contract Lawyers Will Protect Your Business & Keep You & It in Line

When you have business issues, we recognize how important it is for you to receive help from a lawyer who has the best interests of you and your business in mind. At Kalikhman & Rayz, LLC, we are capable of handling business legal matters aggressively, both outside and inside of the courtroom (if needed). Additionally, aside from aggressively litigating any business disputes, our business dispute attorneys, debt lawyers, and civil litigation lawyers will prove to be more than proficient in helping you with any business transactions or contracts you make in the future. If you choose to go into business alone without consulting a lawyer, there is no doubt that you are running the risk of losing money in the future and that you are also running the risk of squandering your business’ reputation with its customers. Furthermore, we know that the need to cut corners to keep up with your competitors or make a bigger profit will always be there, but with a business lawyer you can trust and who can monitor the ins and outs of your business, you will stay in line. Are you unsure about the future of your Bucks County or Montgomery County, PA, business? Do you want to start a new business but are uncertain about the steps you need to take or a contract you will need to draft? Do you want to transfer ownership? At Kalikhman & Rayz, LLC, we can be there for your Philadelphia business’s formation and growth, as well as stand by your side when you finally decide to retire or sell. If you choose the award-winning business lawyers at Kalikhman & Rayz, LLC, you will always receive practical, imaginative, and clear advice in regard to your business matters. Contact us to speak with a business, bankruptcy, or civil litigation attorney at our office today by filling out a contact form right here on our website. Please also don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with one of the injury attorneys at our Montgomery County, PA, office if you’ve recently been the victim of someone else’s negligence.