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Immigration laws are complex and ever-evolving, so when you have immigration issues, it’s in your best interest to seek the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney. At Kalikhman & Rayz, LLC, our lawyers understand the intricacies of immigration law and are ready to help individuals and families defend their immigration status. Whether you want to apply for citizenship, file for asylum, or fight deportation, our law firm will vigorously provide the support you need.

Our immigration lawyers represent clients throughout the Philadelphia, Bucks County, and Montgomery County, PA areas. If you need legal representation in any of the following areas, don’t hesitate to reach out:

  • Citizenship and naturalization
  • Asylum
  • Immigrant and non-immigrant visas
  • Deportation and removal defense
  • Immigration litigation and appeals

Requirements for Citizenship & Naturalization

Are you dreaming of being a citizen of the United States of America? You can receive U.S. citizenship through a process called naturalization. The process is intricate, but a skilled and knowledgeable immigration attorney can seamlessly guide you through each step.

In order to apply for citizenship, you must already be a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) and meet the following requirements (and other qualifications):

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Continuously reside in the United States for at least five years (or three years if you’re married to a U.S. citizen)
  • Have a physical residence
  • Pass a test on U.S. history and government
  • Be without certain criminal convictions

As experienced immigration attorneys, we understand the complex requirements for citizenship and can help you understand what you need to reach one of the most significant milestones in your life.

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How to File for Asylum

Asylum is a type of protection granted to refugees already in the U.S. or at the border who are unable or unwilling to return to their home country because of persecution or a fear of persecution based on nationality, race, religion, political opinion, or membership in a social group.

To file for asylum, you will either go through a process known as Affirmative Asylum or Defensive Asylum. If you already live in the U.S., you will go through the Affirmative Asylum process and apply using the USCIS form I-589. It’s important to note that you must apply for asylum within one year of entry into the United States. If you are outside of the U.S. seeking asylum and don’t have a valid visa to enter the country, you can claim asylum at a border crossing. This is known as Defensive Asylum.

Our immigration lawyers have successfully represented asylum seekers and can help you as well. We will work with you to determine if you qualify for asylum and then file on your behalf.

Legal Assistance With Immigrant Visa Processing

Individuals have two primary paths to permanent resident status (also known as getting your green card) in the United States offered by the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA):

  • If you have an approved immigrant petition and a visa number, you can apply for an immigrant visa through the U.S. Department of State consulate abroad. This process is known as Immigration Visa Processing (IVP).
  • If you are already in the United States, you can apply for permanent resident status through adjustment of status. This will allow you to seek permanent residency without having to return to your home country.

Our law firm offers legal consultations to individuals seeking visas to live and work in the United States legally. Because there are various work-based and family-based visas (or types of green cards), it can be hard to know which one you should apply for. Our immigration attorneys can evaluate your qualifications and circumstances and advise you on the visa that will be fastest and most advantageous.

Trusted Immigration Lawyers for Removal & Deportation Defense

Immigration court proceedings are complex, overwhelming, and confusing and can be challenging for individuals to navigate independently. That’s why it’s essential to request the help of an immigration attorney when you are faced with the possibility of deportation.

If you are being charged with deportation by the government, our lawyers will review every detail of your case and develop aggressive defense strategies to try and help you stay in the U.S. A few defense tactics we may use include:

  • Presenting an application for cancellation of removal.
  • Arguing for asylum.
  • Showing the charge is false.

We will do everything in our power to protect your dream of U.S. citizenship.

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One of our biggest passions is aiding individuals and families in fulfilling their immigration needs. We know how hard you’ve fought for a brighter future, and we want to do everything we can to help you hold onto everything you’ve achieved.

If you need legal advice on your immigration status, trust our long-standing law firm. We’ve had years of experience representing clients throughout Philadelphia and other areas in Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA, and can provide the practical and clear advice you need. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an immigration lawyer.