Personal Injury Law: Know the Basics

Simply put — personal injury law is a type of tort lawsuit where the person filing the claim has suffered physical or emotional harm. Personal injury is a result of another person’s negligence and typically involves legal involvement. Filing a lawsuit for a personal injury allows those affected to be compensated financially.

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The consequence of an unintentional act can be severe and can lead to serious legal ramifications. Even if it was an accident, the defendant inflicted harm through negligence, and the victim could be entitled to compensation for physical or emotional damages. Some examples of accidents include car accidents and medical malpractice.

Intentional Acts

In many cases, intentional torts are also crimes. An intentional tort is committed against another person or property with the intent to cause harm and can lead the injured victim to file a civil suit. Intentional torts that face a civil suit can also accompany a criminal lawsuit as well. Examples of intentional torts include assault and battery, fraud, and trespass, among others. 


Defamation is a type of tort that uses false statements or actions to intentionally besmirch the reputation of another person. This includes defamatory statements in written form or in the form of slander. Defamation is a civil wrong that can entitle the plaintiff to compensation for damages caused by such false statements. 

Defective Products

In the state of Pennsylvania, an injury caused by a defective product can lead to a defective product case. Dangerous or faulty products can lead to severe personal injuries. While most corporations will fight to avoid paying injured victims, those affected should consider pursuing legal action against those responsible. Product liability cases can range from defective car parts to dangerous toys.

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